5 comments on “Adventures in Hubris – Thoughts on Tea

  1. There are teas other than Lipton Orange Pekoe? That doesn’t seem right.

    Oh, and I’m just saying “Howdy” officially, thanks to Urspo posting your link.

    • Thanks for saying hi. Thinking back, I did know there were other kinds of tea. My grandmother would point them out at the A&P and say that people could buy them “if they’re that kind of upitty” 🙂

  2. My hubby is a diet coke drinker…am, pm and every time in between. You will be fast friends. I’m a coffee drinker, despite your “other”‘s constant hammering to convert to tea :-); however, I neither drive the vehicles you mention, nor patronize Starbucks on more than the rare occasion. I’m a Keurig (or french press) fanatic, myself.

    Welcome to the blogosphere. We want to know EVERYTHING.

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