5 comments on “Puzzling Through the Past…… and wasn’t William T. a hottie?!

  1. Those are wonderful pictures and yes he was. I gave my old family pictures to the Historical Society. My family were pioneers here in Ames and I thought it was better for them to be with the Society than gathering dust (and mold) in my basement.

  2. Those are great photos and yes he appears to be quite the cutie. I used to love perusing old photos as a child. My mother apparently liked taking photos so there were boxes and boxes to amuse me.

  3. My soft spot, old family photos. I wish I had more. So much history, so many stories untold that can only be imagined.

    • Hi Ron, Thanks for your comment and for checking out Harper’s Valley.

      I agree about old photos. I did posted a few days ago about a photo from the 30’s of my mother and one of her brothers. I am biased, of course, but I think it is one of the most evocative photographs of children I have ever seen. Perhaps just my over-active imagination at work.

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