7 comments on “Annual Ontario Theater Trip #1 – The Anticipation

  1. I used to read the poems of Robert Service to my students. I would love to see Wanderlust and hope you will post a reviewl. I will anticipate it with you.

    • I am not fmiliar with his work. I understand the show is set in the West at the time of the Gold Rush. I’m envisioning a Canadian “Paint Your Wagon” If nothing else it will be a nice parallel to our recent trip to SE Alaska.

  2. I love Canada! Two out of three Harpers agree: there’s no place like it for Theatre, Bloody Caesar, Tim Horton’s, and getting a decent proper cup of tea !

    • Thanks for your comment. And thanks (!!) for sharing this. As is often the case with me and poetry, I did know this poem; just not that the poet was RS. There is a saying; “You don’t know what you don’t know.” In this case, I guess sometimes “You don’t know what you DO know” as well.

  3. How nice to see a new blog. The name is great. You were probably too young to remember the song when it first came out but the movie came 10 years later.

    Have you thought of a modeling career for Harper? She is so photogenic.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Bless your heart for thinking otherwise but I am, indeed, old enough to remember the song. Jeannie C Riley? With a little effort I am sure I can remember the lyrics. The one I always thought funniest was “Shouldn’t ‘Widda’ Jones be told to keep her ‘winda’ shades all pulled completely down?”

      In any case between the song, our dog’s name being Harper, and living in Phoenix (“The Valley of the Sun”) I thought it was an decent name. I wish I were an accountant; then I could have called it Harper Valley CPA.

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