8 comments on “Annual Ontario Theater Trip – The Anticipation #3

  1. I can understand your anticipation. I doubt that you’ll be tired of theatre after your marathon. Maybe your backside? When I went to NYC in 2004, I saw 5 shows during the week and wanted to see more but felt guilty being inside so much of the trip. I would love to see Ragtime! I loved all the clips that I saw on the Tony’s of the production with Audra MacDonald and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Didn’t Shirley Booth, aka Hazel, win a Tony or Oscar for Come Back Little Sheba? That would be of interest as well. I recently saw The Lion King here in Houston. In addition to a couple of costume malfunctions, I found it monotenous. But my nieces and nephew loved it.
    I’ll look forward to your reviews and of how much you enjoyed the cooler weather.

    • Audra McDonald won the Tony that year for Featured Actress in a Musical. And good memmory! Shirley Booth (hadn’t thought of Hazel in a long time – now we are really showing our ages!) won an Oscar for Come Back Little Sheba. Burt Lancaster was wonderful in that movie as well.

  2. I am certain that you will also enjoy the much cooler weather up there. We are 67 here this morning. I could not enjoy your temps. That would be one of the reasons I would anticipate your trip.

  3. I saw Ragtime here in Southern California when it debuted at the now defunct Shubert Theatre. It was an amazing show, and I loved the music and the staging. Though, LaChanze performed Audra McDonald’s part (and was remarkable). And it even convinced me to read the novel, which I also loved. I hope you enjoy your theater trip!

    • Thanks for your comment. Ragtime is one of the rare exceptions for me where I actually follows in order. I read the book in the 70’s; saw the movie in the 80’s and then saw the musical +/- Y2K.
      Looking forward to see it again.

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