20 comments on “The Naming of Dogs Is a Curious Thing

  1. I didn’t put a lot of effort into naming my girls. When I got my first one, a golden retriever, she was a red fur ball and since my name is Rick, I called her Lucy. Thinking that I would enjoy saying, Lucy I’m home, five days a week. My black lab was so black and since I already had a Blackie growing up, I just called her Sable. Sounds like an old woman’s name but…
    I figured Harper was named after Harper Lee. Why I’m not sure.
    Just like Harper, I’m glad you’ve made back home.

    • We thought of Harper Lee too because it was another example of a female named Harper (and To Kill A Mockingbird is such a great book) but it was a little after-the-fact in the naming process.

  2. my cats have been named (in order) sydney, meredith, kelly, steven, nyla. I still have meredith and nyla. all have been rescue kitties from a local shelter.

    harper is a very lucky puppy to have 2 daddies that love her.

  3. I wondered how she got the name Harper. Molly came with her name. (Although I sometimes call her Lady Molly because she is such a lady.) Bailey (who I still miss) full name was Bailey’s Irish Gizmo. (Initials spell BIG because he was so tiny) Bailey was for the friends who had Yorkies, Gizmo because he looked like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins and Irish to complete the BIG.

  4. We named our dog Zeus. He’s by far the biggest dog we’ve owned – a male boxer – and the name seemed to fit! We rescued him last summer – he was found on the streets of North St Louis – in a not so nice area of town. Animal Rescue could not locate his former owners. Being in a house of only one Male species (three daughters), it was nice to pick a very “Masculine” name. However, on walks having the wee one (10 year old daughter # 3) call him Zeusie, it takes all masculinity away…

  5. Our dog is Edna, who is a Katrina rescue dog -plucked from a rooftop in New Orleans – The people at the shelter had named her and the name stuck- from me she gets the occasional Edna Louise , from Jimmy it’s Edna Mae- In our 51 years together we have had many dogs at one time the pack count was five, most just happened, and we got the reputation that if you had or knew of a unwanted dog there was always room at our inn. We have had a Stella & Blanche-a Zachary ,Reggie , Hermione, Sugar,Elsa- and some I cant recall. Need I say we are Doggy people

  6. We had two other dachshunds one was a short hair named Bundnie (brown coffee in Arabic) she was born in Cairo. The other was a long hair dachshunds named Reesie who was the sweetest dog ever, he died in Rome at 17 yrs of age. Now we have Nick and Nora after the movie characters, both from different litters were born in Capena just outside Rome. There formal names under Italian law is Fantastico Nicky della Casa degli Orsi and Eleonora di Capena, rather long names but in Italy style is everything. Funny that Nicky’s name refers to the house of the Bears which was the name of the farm he came from. Both are from champion show and hunting dogs in Italy. Given they are Wire Hair Dachshunds they are very pig headed about a lot of things.

  7. Another rule : don’t name your dogs in sucession. We had Hans I, II, III, and IV. And know they are all a blur which one was which.

  8. I broke one of your rules when I was in the second grade and got a dachshund for my birthday, and named her “Chattanooga”. She lived to be sixteen, and had the classic “What’s going on here! What’s the meaning of this!” attitude throughout her life. Stephen and I named our first Boston Terrier “Kiba”, which is Japanese for “fang”. We discovered that it is also Japanese for “woodpile”. We named our second Boston Terrier “Margo”, for Miss Margo Channing, of course. I named my mother’s pair of Shetland Sheepdogs for her: “Henry Higgins” and “Eliza Dolittle”. Those names deteriorated into ‘Higgie” and “Doodle”. Two syllables, at least! 😉

    • Thanks for your comment. What a great name; Chattanooga. I’ve flauted the syllable guideline in the past too. I read somewhere that 1-2 syllable names are best because people tend to contract or shorten longer names in daily use and that can be confusing to a dog. We used to have a cat that Harper’s Other Dad named Tiberius. We often called him “Tiber”; or just “Black Cat”. of course it is not as big a deal with cats since you don’t call them as often. 🙂

  9. When you mentioned “Ball” jars in a recent comment on someone else’s blog it reminded me of you mentioning vacation Bible school. I had a good laugh and forgot to mention it. I know there has got to be one of those gold macaroni treasures at home somewhere.

  10. I’ve noticed our cats tend to have what I would term to be more exotic names, more than likely because I usually pick their human names out. The dogs, on the other hand, always seem to have rather common names, which I attribute to the Husbear naming. 😉

    • 🙂 No, she was not named after the Canadian Prime Minister! Although we know a number of Canadians who think the name is funny.

      Now if she gets a little brother and we call him Trudeau…..

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