14 comments on “I’m Beginning To Understand Why People Do This

  1. I know my father’s people came from manchester UK to america. my mother’s people came from austria (grandmother) and the czech republic (grandfather). beyond that I know nothing. I guess I have never been interested in ancestors; I have enough trouble living in the present.

    • I agree with you about the present and, I think, we’re on the same page about the past. It never really interested me either.
      Spo says I’m becoming a jigsaw genealogist. I don’t really care what the picture ends up being. I just like putting the pieces together.

  2. Ancestry.com is (I think) connected to the Mormon Church who have an enormous registry of genealogica information. I suppose so they can baptize your ancestors into Mormonism. I fiddled with it once but left it to explore other things. It is fascinating, however.

    • I believe you are correct about the LDS connection. I know genealogical research is an important activity in that church and a lot of the source repositories cited in Ancestry.com are in Utah.

  3. I wish I had the initiative to research my families history. My mom’s side of the family is from the Appalachian Mountains in KY. It would be interesting to see how they arrived to that area.

  4. My father has searched his family tree. On my mothers side is it more difficult because as she put it she is a bastard. However, my father figured out that he and my mother are distant cousins. That may explain a lot. Good luck with your search.

    • There is a funny exchange in ‘Angels in America’ where two ghosts disagree about whether the bastards should be included when counting one’s ancestors. I think the outcome is ‘yes’. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Years and years ago, I worked in the Rare Books and Manuscripts area of our university library here. Attached to that unit was a genealogical research component, where I became acquainted with what constitutes a first, second, third cousin, what constitutes being once, twice, or thrice “removed”. It’s so simple: Your father’s first cousin is your first cousin once removed, the child of your father’s first cousin is your second cousin. And it goes on from there.

    I read once on the subject of genealogy that all that is required to be a cousin of any sort is to have a common set of grandparents. By that definition, your brother or sister is also your cousin. When my brother and I get into politics, I think of him as my cousin rather than my brother. 😉

    • Harper’s Other Dad explains the first, second, cousin once, twice removed to me periodically. I always think I have it down but then get a little lost when the generations start blending in age. It helps if I graph it.

  6. I have been addicted to genealogy research since 1994. I was given fair warning by a distant relative once I started, he said “Ron, it will take over your life.” It has and I couldn’t be happier. I now have purpose until the end of my life.

  7. I too have become a jigsaw genealogist this year. Love the challenge of piecing the past together. I love it so much that I have started doing other people’s trees just for the fun of it. It helps me hone my skills even though it makes me look like a crazy stalker.lol
    Geneology is a time suckhole…..very interesting but a suckhole nonetheless.
    This new interest has also prompted me to get out all the old photo albums from my mother and digitize them. This is something I’ve needed to do for years now so I’m glad I’ve finally gotten off my duff to do so.

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