9 comments on “A Happy Email Accident

  1. I don’t believe in “accidents” – the universe “nudges” us when it thinks we need something. What a happy re-connection

  2. how marvy for your rekindled friendship!

    I was divorced in 1991; no ill will, but we haven’t kept in touch. don’t want to, on my part; that life is over and I am content with the one I currently have.

    and I think in my previous life I was a lizard.

  3. I am glad the story had a happy ending. When I read that you responded to a blank email I got worried; there is a scam going around where the bad guys break into people’s accounts, and then send email to all of the contacts on the list. Anybody who responds to the mysterious emails is targeted next.

  4. What a happy coincidence. That’s the great thing about life…every day is a chance for random, cool things to happen, big and small.

  5. I really liked this. The cosmos has a wonderful way of reminding us we’re connected, not just in the here and now but also across the dimension, the planes of existence, and the illusion of time.

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