10 comments on “Need a Little Christmas?

  1. Pure fun. Jerry Herman has brought me so much joy with his music. This is one of my favorites. I may decide to decorate for Christmas this year. Thanks,

    • Ooops. Probably not your favorite post then. 🙂 We probably agree about how annoying The Little Drummer Boy is.
      My feelings about the holidays are a lot less strong and a lot more mixed. Some parts I enjoy and welcome. Others I find very sad.
      It can be like Judy Garland (later in her life) singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. The text is holiday optimism but the subtext is a lot darker.

      • they are all annoying. it seems the season starts on july 5 and continues until january 2. everyone is supposed to be happy and cheerful – BAH HUMBUG! the day has no religious significance for me. it’s just a day off work. but that’s the way I roll, yo!

  2. Is she really wearing skates?
    And Urspo’s comment reminds me that my folks had the Jim Nabor’s Christmas album featuring him singing “Go Tell It On the Mountain” — pure torture. But I loved it.

  3. I found the same thing with the song “That Holiday Feeling” by Steve Lawrence & Edie Gormet. All of the collections, did not have that song anywhere. I finally found it on YouTube, along with a song I remembered from childhood “12 Daze of Christmas” by Fay McKay, that also does not appear anywhere. Love that YouTube 🙂

  4. Oh, thanks for pointing this out today! Fun to see. I also love Mitzi Gaynor but would have preferred a different version of the song. And I could have lived without the distraction of those prat-falling (badly) ice skaters. Nothing beats Angela Lansbury!

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