3 comments on ““Killer Joe”

  1. Your post made me think of a saying of mine.. Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not after you.
    I hope Ms Streep does a better job with this movie than she did with Hope Springs. I thought she “phoned in” her performance. I was disappointed.

  2. Our theatre buddy Dave (so many Daves) joined a group of us last week for cocktails, and the conversation came to Wm. Friedkin’s ‘Cruising’ (don’t ask me how). I said Wm. F. is an example of three great movies in a row (French Connection, Exorcist, Sorcerer) followed by nothing but terrible crap. The other example of 3-in-a-row (Last Picture Show, What’s Up Doc, Paper Moon) followed by all-crap is Peter Bogdanovich. At least Wm. F. did not direct the worst movie ever made — ‘They All Laughed’. Actually, I think I liked ‘To Live and Die in L.A.’, too. I’ll have to take a look at ‘Killer Joe’.

    • WordPress weirdness…. I rec’d a note on my phone of your comment (thanks btw) but when I logged on at the desktop the comment was in the spam folder. hmmm.

      Re: Friedkin – Maybe it is the Oscar curse for winning so early in his career. I had forgotten he directed ‘Cruising’. In looking him up I also had forgotten he directed ‘The Boys In the Band’. Both are movies I have a hard time looking at objectively. There definitely have been some clinkers since ‘Sorcerer’.

      Re: Bogdanovich – not to mention ‘At Long Last Love’. Burt Reynolds did so well in a musical they gave him another chance in ‘Best Little Whorehouse….’.

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