6 comments on “New Shoes

  1. A runner in AZ. And I shake my head in wonder when I pass runners here in the heat of summer. Soon you will have a rainbow of colors. The black laces really are hot!

  2. I applaud the fact that you found something you like and works for you, don’t change it. If you keep needing new shoes, you’ll eventually run through every trim color they come out with. I’m sure Harper will be happy to run with you, when you are able to get outdoors.

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. I wish I could get Harper to run with me but no luck. She has to stop to examine every 5th bush (it seems) and can stand perfectly still for 5 min waiting for a rabbit to move. Sometimes I plan the route so my cool down can be her walk.

      • Ah the patience of the four legged friend. I don’t run, but I know the frustration of seemingly every blade of grass and leaf being sniffed and the moments of statue. Good luck planning a good route

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