4 comments on “The Letters of Noel Coward

    • Thank You so much for reading/commenting. I enjoy reading your blog very much so the compliment is flattering and much appreciated.
      And thanks for sharing the link. It is a terrific post.

      I’m almost embarrassed to admit I have never seen “Private Lives” on the stage; though I’ve read it. Visiting the Stratford and Shaw Festivals in Canada, I have been lucky to see good-quality productions of several Coward plays; “Design For Living”, “Hay Fever”, “Easy Virtue”, and “Present Laughter”. They are doing “Blithe Spirit” next season. I’ve seen the play several times but never done with a significant budget so I look forward it.

      A few years ago the Shaw Festival did all of the “Tonight at 8:30” plays. I was unable to see them in groups of three as originally performed but was able to go to one of the “Mad Dogs & Englishman Marathons” where all 10 plays were performed in one day. A long day, to be sure, but a wonderful and memorable theater experience.

  1. I feel sad for future generations there will be no more ‘letters’ history; they contained so much information and artistry. I can’t imagine a collection of ‘e-mails’ (if anyone saves them at all) will compare. No more ‘a man of letters’. 😦

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