10 comments on “This Didn’t Start Out to be a Rant but…..

  1. I think that the one constant in our society is the growing number of “whine and Cheeze” parties that are held by people who have no business complaining. Human nature I guess.

    • Perhaps so. I think the past 20-30 yrs has seen a decrease in the social pressure to control one’s selfish impules. Behavior that, in the past, would have been disapproved of as ill-manered is now considered ‘assertive’ or ‘dynamic’. I’m not sure if people are more likely to be rude but they appear to see need to be embarrased by their condeuct when they are. Ooops – this really is a ‘soap-box’ topic for me.

  2. I read somewhere that if all current breeds of dogs, from Mexican Hairless to Bullmastiff, were to interbreed, eventually “dog” would revert to a profile that looks… well, like Harper! All the characteristics described are there. How wonderful to have “proto-dog”! She’s beautiful.

    • Thanks for the comment What an interesting idea! I often see dogs about her size with similar features.

      I don’t know as much about genetics as I’d like to. I did genetic testing when we got Harper. They said her primary breed was Boxer and the secondary breeds were Airedale and Chow

  3. When I lived in DC there were no gated dog parks but we had parks. Now that I’m back on long island taking care of my parents, we have no dog parks at all and dogs are NEVER permitted on the beaches. Because of this, my doggies have gone from being some of the most social dogs to getting anxious whenever they see other dogs. Of course it would help if the people around me would socialize their dogs but they don’t know how or care too, they just cross the street whenever they see another dog coming their way. And don’t get me started on the ones who pick up their dogs. Stupid humans.

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. Similar experience here. My neighborhood has lots of places to walk including a small park. I know many of the other pet owners by sight and there are some that will always cross the street or turn the corner to prevent their dog from encountering other dogs. One evening I exchanged some harsh words with one in the park. There was a dog running around off-leash trying to engage the other (leashed) dogs in play. I knew the dog because she lives two doors down on my street and had passed her owner farther back on the path. The man and his wife didn’t like the dog approaching them and their dog. Since I was walking toward them on the same sidewalk and they could see no other humans he decided the loose dog must be mine. He started to get loud and use foul language about me not controlling my dog. I pointed out that my dog was at the end of the leash in my hand and that he might want to get his facts straight before he started screaming obscenities at people in a public park. His wife apologized. He just stomped off like a petulant child.

    • Active. At 40 lbs she is one of the smaller dogs in that area and she’s not very assertive with other dogs but she likes to run if she can find a dog to chase her. Selfishly, I like the active area more. Because people are more engaged with their dogs they generally do a better job of clean up.

  4. Oh what a cruel world it is. You’ve got the right attitude and I’m sure Harper enjoys the time out with you. So many choices for parks, I wish we were so lucky.

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