9 comments on “Film Noir

  1. The first thought that came into my mind when I read the title of your blog post “Film Noir” was that I liked film noir even before I knew what it was. Then I began reading your post and your first sentence said the same thing.
    I often think of all the great film noir movies that I have seen over the years. Do you remember Lizabeth Scott? Beverly Michaels was also another favorite of mine. All those rain slicked city streets at night with on one one them except for an occasional passerby. I don’t know why but I always got a wonderful feeling of comfort watching film noir movies.
    Nice post!

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. I love all the venetian blind light effects. I did a google image search for ‘film noir’ and got the greatest results. With a melodramatic musical score under the slideshow it would be suspenseful even without a plot line.

  2. My very favorite ‘black & white’ movie from my Fifties B&W television movie-viewing days was ‘Pandora and the Flying Dutchman’, starring Ava Gardener and James Mason. The cinematographer on the picture was the incomparable Jack Cardiff. Imagine my surprise in later years to discover that it was shot in Technicolor! (Should’a paid more attention to the credits!) You never saw such velvety blacks and grays even viewed on that crappy Fifties TV, and you never saw such velvety, gorgeously saturated color when viewed on a modern home screen. Oh, and the story;-) What are you willing to sacrifice for love? Haven’t seen it in decades, but now, will again soon! (Was also knocked out by Jean Cocteau’s ‘Orphée’ in those days, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a color film;-)

  3. I’ve not watched any other movies from that time period, but I actually own “Metropolis” on DVD. I always loved the look and feel of the movie from the first time I saw it years and years ago.

    There have been a few movies as of late that hearken back to the style such as “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” which I like. Probably because it all has that Art Deco feel to it.

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