20 comments on ““Where were you when…..?”

  1. D, (aka “Someone”)
    What a wonderful post. I remember where I was on all the dates you mentioned save one, I don’t remember where I was when the Challenger exploded. I was born one month almost to the day when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. Of course I don’t remember that but I do remember my Mother always telling me she associated my birthday with Pearl Harbor. One of the dates I rememer where I was that you didn’t mention was when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. I was in my furnished apartment in Coatesville, PA on a rainy Sunday morning ironing shirts for work the following Monday. I glanced at the TV while I was ironing a shirt when Ruby shoot Oswald and couldn’t believe what I saw. I literally couldn’t believe it.
    You’re right, all of us who remember these eventful dates have a commonality that brings us together. I hope there are no more “events” like this in my lifetime.

    • Thanks for the comment and compliment. It is sad that so many of the events are tragic. Aside from the moon landing the only other positive memory that came to mind was the 1980 Olympic hockey win over the Russians. I thought that didn’t quite rise to the level I was going for. I’m hoping other comments will also share event’s I’ve omitted. Maybe some of those will be happy ones.

  2. Wow
    Can’t believe I was so out of it. But I found you!
    Those damn blonde roots of mine!
    I am going to be doing some catch up reading here!

  3. I’ve been following MR for a few years and I’m so glad to have found you. What a wonderful post. I greatlly enjoy your writing style. Thank you!
    My adopted brother came to live with us two days after the JFK assassination. My mother said he was a nice diversion from all the sorrow. I was 3. I saw Nixon resign on a tv in a motel while on vacation somewhere. I was working in a bookstore when Elvis passed. In the car at the public library when John Belushi was found. At college when Lennon was shot. Found out later that was the birthday of my stepdaughter. Funny that I know where I was even think didn’t meet her for another 8 years. at work in a school library when the challenger exploded. And in a doctor’s office with my 3 year old on 9/11. I thought we were watching a bad movie when the plane crashed into the tower, and thought it was terrible that someone chose to leave it on while we were all in the waiting room. Found out later that it was true.

    • Thanks for reading & commenting. I do not recall hearing about Elvis passing but I bet it was one of those shared memories for my sister. She was a big fan. Another reason why I think it’s an interesting topic; why some things take on an importance and others don’t. Thanks again for reading.

      • I’m sure for a lot of the Y Generation Kurt Cobain’s suicide is an event for them. The last shuttle launch will be an event for many years to come.

      • I am too old for Kurt’s death to have had that kind of impact on me but I think you’re right. I have heard people say Nirvana really was the soundtrack of their youth.

  4. …. when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon

    I was five years old. I watched the grainy black and white television broadcast of Armstrong stepping onto the moon and it marked me for life.

    …. when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded

    Honestly don’t remember where I was when it happened. I do recall when they launched the first shuttle I was in high school, a Junior at the time.

    …. when the World Trade Centers towers were destroyed.

    I was the I.T. Director for the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General at the time. I got phone calls that net service was down. It wasn’t down, we were just overloading the connection. Went upstairs to tell the Admin Director what was going on. I noted her TV in her office was on and I saw the smoking tower. The rest of that day we all clustered in offices where there were TV’s.

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