14 comments on “How Many is Too Many?

  1. I love the top one! You could use one of the larger cases for a really cool bed for Harper. Just make sure that the lid NEVER falls on her or that will be it.
    The last couple of years since I hit the big 50 I have found all my collections rather burdensome. First of all, I’ve been a diligent photographer since a teen. I have tens of 1000’s of pics to distribute to others whether they want them or not. I’ve also collected coffee mugs, matchbooks; frig magnets, t-shirts, post cards, stamps, coins, and dust. What’s a guy to do? Your post seems to romanticize your collection and makes me feel less guilty/over whelmed.

  2. I like the look and feel of old “vintage” pieces of luggage like you have pictured. I’ve always been a fan of old luggage, but never really figured out how I could make it work in my home.

    Alas, lately I’ve taken to watch “Hoarders”, so I’ve been doing my darnedest to rid myself of things I’ve collected. I don’t want to end up like my progenitors.

    I find it interesting that Harper’s Other Dad collected Boy’s Life Magazines. I remember reading those growing up.

  3. My mother used to have some luggage like that. The make-up cases always travelled with the person, never consigned to the luggage car. They are wonderful and I am beginning to wish I had some for I could surely use them to organize things. It is always interesting to see what things folks have. Thanks for sharing (and yes the first one is my favorite also.)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. Still definitely a newbie at this but finding it both challenging and enjoyable. Luckily I have access to a pretty great resource when I have questions. Thanks for reading/commenting.

  4. That throws me back a few years…
    I was a young gay male in my early 20’s and found two great vintage pieces at an estate sale in mint condition that I thought were really cool. I used them for a trip to Key West. Upon checking in to my favorite guesthouse I had a trendy, cutting edge, handsome queen (that I did find attractive, but only at the time, never would now) comment about my prized vintage luggage. The comment was not complimentary. In fact from the comment you would have thought that I was a charity case that had been comped a room there. I was young and easily wounded….I was crushed. Today I would be even more proud to be carrying those pieces because of the shallow comment.
    Unfortunately not back then….. I got home, sold them at a yard sale and bought something new and trendy to fit in and (I thought) please someone shallow.
    That is one of the reasons when people comment that they wish they were younger…..I say not me….I am happy to be where I am.

    • That is a sad story … and one I’ve experienced too often myself. Being young again would only be fun if we could take our knowledge and experience back with us. Some of those lessons were too hard to learn the first time! Thanks for reading & commenting.

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