10 comments on “Happy Birthday: Dave; J.B.; and Nell

  1. Another great blog post with fascinating information. Information, most of which I did not heretofore which you presenting in a very interesting narrative. I continue to be impressed by …..”Harper’s Keeper.” By the way, I’m stealing some of your ideas for future blog posts. 🙂

    • I love that song. Her phrasing is so distinctive. There are gaps where she is not singing, sometimes in the middle of a line that seem to go on forever; and yet they aren’t TOO long.

  2. Re: Michelangelo’s David – I’ve wondered practically all my adult life why its creator sculpted the subject ‘uncut’. Knowing his own admirable predilections he probably had a wry smile when sculpting that ‘member’! (or was there also a certain resentment?) But you are the first person I’ve seen who has actually addressed that observation – which nearly everyone must make in their mind but few dare to mention. Must say I hadn’t thought much about the convention of the time but it makes more sense now. (I dare say I could have looked it up on the Internet but, as you see, I didn’t.)

    Btw: Your blog looks most interesting. You talk about many subjects close to my heart, so must make more effort to keep up with it.

    • I confess I was not aware the statue showed David as uncut until I read it yesterday. I find it a surprising choice but the explanation sound reasonable. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • You mean you really never NOTICED? I find that incredible – and you have my unbounded admiration for having had the ‘decency’ to divert your eyes all these years! 😉

  3. I love Nell Cater and was fortunate enough to be on 2 RSVP cruises where she was the featured guest entertainer. She was wonderful. Unlike most ‘star’ entertainers brought on as guests…she was on board the whole week and out on deck enjoying the cruise and the crowd. She was always approachable and even left the doors open in the theatre during her rehearsals so that we could come and enjoy (not one other entertainer I have seen on a cruise allowed passengers to attend anything other than the show). She was also out on the cruises as she traveled with her lover and never hid the fact she was in a lesbian relationship. And yes she always brought us out of our seats with her voice and incredible stage presence. She is missed.

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