9 comments on “Saturday Morning – Dog Park

  1. Oh Harper those eyes! Looking at me like that you can have McMaggots and fries on the way home. They have a bit more pep in their step with cooler weather but then again so do I. Glad you were able to make the trip and put that big smile on Harper’s face.

    • We have a ritual that we stop at McD’s on the way home from the vet and get McNuggies. She is so funny about them though. If I break them in half she will wolf down the pieces instantly but if I give them to her whole she spits them out.

  2. What a beauty that Harper is, and I suspect she’s smart to boot! I need the change of seasons. We’re going into fall now, just in time. That is what is nice about the change of seasons, each season seems to arrive when we’re tired of the previous season and ready to move on. I could live no other place than where there is a change of season. The southern most county of Delaware (Sussex County) where I live is ideal because the winters are mild and the summers not too hot but definite changes of season.

  3. Love the last picture…
    I didn’t know dogs behavior changes over the seasons. I never had one as crazy as it may sound to you. Things might change though.
    Can I come back when it happens with lots and lots of questions? :-p

    • It’s probably more accurate to to say their behavior changes with the weather rather than the seasons though, obviously, the two are related. Questions are terrific. There is nothing ‘pet people’ like to talk about (or write about….or take pictures of….) more than pets.

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