14 comments on “Serendipity Redux

    • A treasure hunt indeed! Today I found some wonderful old photos from the 1900-1910 range. They aren’t framed so no movie star bios on deck. I also found a handful of pictures of myself at 18-36 month age ange. I am trying to decide whether I can stand the embarrassment of posting them.

  1. Linda Darnell, on of the most beautiful women ever on the Silver Screen (Hedy Lamarr was the MOST beautiful). I have a wonderful biography on Linda Darnell. I’ll send it to you if you would like to read it.

  2. Here is a bit of serendipity. Did you know that Linda Darnell is buried in the same cemetery as my grandparents, Fieldon and Hester Tipton? She is buried in Union HIll Cemetery, Oxford, PA. Small world indeed.

    • That is a ‘small world’ fact. I knew she was buried there but, of course did not know the Tiptons are. Do you know why LD chose the be burried there? She was born and raised (such as it was) in Texas before going to Holloywood as an adolescent. What was the PA connection?

  3. One thing leads to another. Now I know about Linda Darnell (although I kind of like her original name better (more exotic) and will wonder about the PA connection. Thanks for this. I am awaiting for you to find a famous dog under one of the photos. Then Harper will have to write about it.

    • No famous dogs, sad to say, though I did find pictures of a chihuahua my mother had when I was growing up. There’s a pic of me with it when I was 9-10 that borders on precious

  4. Poke….
    Preferably Palm Springs on a weekend when I can pop over for a day….
    (am I having De Ja Vu? Just I just post this on another blog’s comments?)

  5. “Her ashes are interred at the Union Hill Cemetery, Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the family plot of her son-in-law.”

    How on earth did we ever manage without the Internet Movie Database?

    A reputation as a movie buff (I have one) used to count for something. [sigh]

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