11 comments on “Well I Am Shocked; Shannon Mae!

  1. Your mother is beautiful. As to the lipstick print..probably hers. I would not worry, it sounds like something a teenager would do. Perhaps you should hire the Harper Valley Detective Agency to see what could be discovered. And yes the students still have pictures taken (at least they did when I retired -come to think of it that was a few years ago.) now they have a “class composite” with everyone’s photo on it and names. very handy. I have one for almost every year I taught. As former students contact me on Facebook I look them up to see what they looked like when I had them.

  2. What a scandalous thought ! I think everyone feels shocked to think their parents could have been young and sexy and perhaps not all that they should be.

  3. I like the fact she had a crush on someone in high school, it shows a fun-loving side, before she got down to the business of getting married.

      • True enough, I’m surprised Nana let her wear makeup. Even more shocking, what if she wore it on the sly. šŸ™‚

  4. Scandalous! Isn’t it fascinating to discover that your Mother had passion? Guess what? I found a similar situation with my Mother. A few years before she died, while she was ill, she told me that she burned a diary she kept as a teenager. I was shocked because I didn’t know she had a diary. I asked her not to destroy anything else. She gave me a letter that she had kept since 1943. This was a letter from woman who my father was having an affair with. The women advised my Mother that she couldn’t hold on to my father and she should let him go. Of course my Mother didn’t let my father go and they were married for sixty years until he died in 2000. I have that letter and I treasure it. I may post it in a future blog.

    • Both of those indicidents would make fasciniating posts if you were comfortable writing them. The letter is an amazing relic from her past. As my mother got older she was more likely to share things from her past that she’d kept to herself when I was youger. That is a rite of passage of a kind.

      Even more fascinating, to me, is the decision to burn the diary she kept in her teenage years. What was in it? Why did she feel so strongly about it after all that time? Is it something she’d re-read over the years or had it been stored away and rediscovered. [Rhetorical questions all.] There’s a short story in there somewhere.

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