10 comments on “Steve Goodman

    • I think the ‘dating myself’ ship sailed when I decided to post about someone who died 30 yrs ago. 🙂
      It all doesn’t seem so long ago until your actually write it down with dates.

  1. Finally, here we differ. I have to admit that I never heard of Steve Goodman. However, I understand why you posted about your favorite singer. We all have favorite singers who, when we hear them, bring back a “flood of memories”, mostly good. I too have that singer, her name was Dinah Washington. Listening to her sing takes me to a good and comfortable place where I feel at peace. I’m sure that is the same way you feel when you hear Steve Goodman sing. Thank you for sharing.

    • I love Dinah Washington’s voice. I don’t know her music very well. I have a couple recordings on compliations. My fav is her singing “I Wanna Be Around”. She’s a talented singer but, as you say, there are no particular memories connected to her for me. And I’m not surprised you’d never heard of Steve Goodman. That was true for most people even when he was alive. That is one of the reasons I thought it might be an interesting post.

      I’m finding that I enjoy blogging, in part, because it is a chance to explore the little eddies in my stream of consciousness. Writing about my grandmother reminded me that my grandfather always called her “Dutchman”. I hadn’t thought of that in years. Goodman sang a song called “The Dutchman”. Yesterday was “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. Goodman sang a song called “Lincoln Park Pirates”. When I saw his name on the ‘On This Day in History” list I concluded there must be some reason why I’d been reminded of him 3 times in one day.

      And writing about it was a good excuse to open up iTunes and listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a long time.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Steve Goodwin. I love his smile. Great music. Great era – “Long ago I used to be a young man.” In our heads we still are.

  3. spouse and I have seen leon redbone in concert; mysterious dude, he.

    now I will have to check out your blog subject; I already know the song about the “city of new orleans” train. I’ve been on it; CHI to NOL!

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