5 comments on “Dog Park Saturday

  1. My children have loved going to our neighborhood dog park. Playing with the dogs is so relaxing and fun.

  2. Arnie sounds like my Dad’s dog Joe. He constantly goes up to other dogs and slaps them like a kangaroo to get them to chase him. Sometimes he meets his match but more often than not he’s disappointed. Maybe when the weather gets a bit cooler he will have better luck.
    Glad you and Harper made the park circuit this morning. I’m sure the rest of the day was more pleasant because of the outing. Harper looks so fit and strikes a nice pose.

    • Thanks. Harper was underweight when we got her. Her weight is up almost 20%. The vet says it is no nice to see a dog come in that isn’t obese. I can’t get to fetch a ball but she likes to run.

      • Max isn’t much for chasing balls either, though he does like to chew on them, he would rather chase a squeaky toy. I got him one that looks like a chicken leg.

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