4 comments on “More Serendipity Redux

  1. Penultimate, I love people who can use that word correctly.. Anyway a comment on today’s post. I would love to see The Eddie Duchin Story again. As well as some of the others. I shall have to start looking for them. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I was pretty convinced Tyrone Power was secretly my father when I was little. The fact that he died 15 years before I was born was only part of the conspiracy. Later I saw a picture of my actual father from his high school graduation and realized to my shock that he looked exactly like Tyrone Power. The only possible conclusion is that I am the product some sort of Tyrone Power-related Boys from Brazil scheme.

    • “The Boys From Burbank”; a cabal of Old Hollywood seeks world domination by revitalizing the gene pool of Tyrone Power and the women and men who love them. Starring Julia Roberts as the beautiul geneticist with a secret so shocking she’ll do anything to keep hidden and Ryan Gosling as the cynical defective who stumbles across the truth and has only 72 hours to stop their fiendish plan. With George Clooney as “Louis B”; the man who pulls all the strings and, in his screen debut, Ben Cohen as ‘the blogger’. Special guest appearances by Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper as “The Eye Candy”; they stop at nothing. I can’t believe it hasn’t been made already.

      Thanks for reading/commenting. I enjoy your blog.

      • That is the greatest spec script I have ever read, bar none. Oh sure, I haven’t actually read any spec scripts, but I don’t see how that’s relevant. Now we just need to breed the freakish offspring of Robert Altman and John Frankenheimer in a lab and incubate him to adulthood right quick to have the perfect director attached to the project.

        Thank you for linking to me so I could find you in my referral logs and enjoy the hell out of your blog. 🙂

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