18 comments on “Serendipity – The Ultimate

  1. It is the High Holy Days, Just repent and be contrite and perhaps you will be inscribed in the Book of Life for another year to sin again. The problem of Sin worked when they put all of them on a goat (the scape goat) and drove it out into the wilderness. Besides “sin” just means missing the mark.

  2. I am surprised that you found such a picture, I thought you had said that your family were Baptist, and this picture is very Roman Catholic with a European looking Jesus and not the Jew of middle Eastern origin that he really was, darker skin, black eyes and hair and more hairy also as would fit someone with his background. Also the clothing is interesting as it is Roman and not Jewish, but that was the tradition in Europe. As for Blasphemy I can see how that is a more grievous sin given that it is made against God the creator of all things where as murder is at a human level. So maybe your family were secret RC. Did Cousin Steve grow up to be a exceptionally good looking man?
    As for the resolution on blasphemy at the UN I am not surprised. But it will probably not be binding on member States.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment. Your analysis is as correct as it could be with the info I provided.

      The photo was my grandmother’s. I don’t know, of course, but I imagine my aunt (who was raised Catholic) gave her the photo as a gift. Her father, with whom she lived, was a practicing Catholic. Their home was full of ‘Catholica’. I believe her father was a first generation immigrant from Eastern Europe; Poland I think. My grandmother was vocally anti-Catholic but I can easily imagine she never knew the JC imagine was behind the picture.

      The UN thing is targeted toward the recent anti-Islamic film. I believe the General Assembly has considered such a resolution before.

      I have never seen my cousin as an adult. The last photo I’ve seen was high school age. But I’m fairly certain he is attractive. As a boy he looked exactly like his father and (our mutual) grandfather at similar ages so I imagine that continued into middle age.

  3. Your only hope out of this sticky wicket is to convert and become a MOT(member of the tribe). OLAS, being merely a preacher and “false prophet” to the Jewish people means you avoid having the sins of the fathers visited upon you as no blasphemy has occurred.
    Now if you could just get Cousin Steve to convert too…..and then trace his ancestors back to the House of King David, gather the faithful back to Israel, rebuild the Temple, and bring about world peace so Steve can lay claim to the Messiah title….now THAT would be the father of all synchronicities. 😉

  4. You could always just become an atheist and forgo the blasphemy route entirely! 😉

    As a child, I always wondered why Jesus was white/caucasian in pictures. Especially since he was obviously Jewish in the Bible. I was a cynical child, it would seem.

  5. So that’s what OLAS means!
    One of my favorite streets in Ft. Lauderdale is LAS OLAS, now I know it is…
    The Our Lord and Savior street!
    Wow thats a load off my brain!

  6. “for example, having a child out-of-wedlock where the family is cursed for 10 generations.” My mother was said child and I am 2nd generation so blame the framing on me, after all I am already cursed. My mother used some other passage to say that we were damned as I recall, so I should do what I want cause it was already too late.

    • Sounds like we’re in the same boat. Appreciate the offer to take the blame on the framing thing but all that does is get me off the hook for the 3rd commandment but puts me on the hook for #9. I am resigned to my fate.

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. I appreciate it.

      The idea of the recent “serendipity” posts was finding pictures or images that had been hidden for decades underneath a family photo; not the family pic itself. In this case, that particular image of OLAS was the one I found.

      The other reason I didn’t include Steve’s pic is, even though we haven’t been in contact in decades, to the best of my knowledge he is still living. I wouldn’t post his pic without his approval. The family photos I’ve been posting, excluding pics of myself, are family members who are deceased.

      Thanks again for reading/commenting.

  7. I was thinking the same thing as Laurent when I saw the picture. It’s the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” of Catholic fame. Every time I see a picture of Jesus, it reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago, based on the TV show, “To Tell The Truth”. In it are three different Jesus persons. Jesus #1 wears a sorrowful look and has a crown of thorns on his head, blood dripping down. Jesus #2 has long blond hair and blue eyes. Jesus #3 looks like a person out of a police lineup. #1 is the Catholic Jesus. #2 is the Protestant Jesus and #3 is the historical Jesus. Will the real Jesus please stand up!

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. I appreciate it.

      I did a Google Image Search for JC and the diversity of images is almost overwhelming. I can’t say I was surprised but it is interesting to see them all on the same screen.

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