6 comments on “The Words

  1. Thanks for this. Movies right now leave a lot to be desired. I keep thinking I want to go to a film but then I look to see what is on and decide to read a book. I will wait for this one to show up on HBO

  2. “I really wanted to like this movie” (How many times have I been there!) “and almost did”. The ‘almost’ part being the worst of it. Hate having something barely sour an experience. I must say I’m more than just a little fond of your ‘reviews’. No one in my sphere discusses movies anymore. (Cue the sad music.)

    • I knew they’d lost me in a scene when Bradley Cooper comes home drunk and upset to confess to his wife; I was thinking; wow, ‘he’s good. It is hard to play ‘drunk’ without it bordering on humorous….and I wonder how they got his eyes to look that red and bloodshot’. That’s when I occured to me I was not emotionally engaged.

  3. Your talents continue to amaze me. You are a good reviewer sir. Much better than most I read on “Rotten Tomatoes.” I haven’t seen this movie. I plan to watch it when it comes out on DVD. The story line sounds like one that interest me, human drama. I’m not one for cartoons or action movies, or even gory, slasher movies but I do like a good human drama because that is what life is about isn’t it?

    • Thanks for the compliment. I’m not sorry I saw it. I was disappointed because I liked the concept so much. I wish I had seen it on DVD rather than first-run theater prices, however.

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