21 comments on “Dipping a Toe in the Stream of Consciousness – 2

  1. I laughed out loud at your description of the belly dancer…. what a great start to my Monday morning!

    A belly dancer once performed at the school where I teach. Consider this: (1) the audience consisted of 800 students aged 12 – 18. (2) She was not Arabic but Scandinavian, blue eyes, blonde hair etc. (3) The dancer was short but easily 60 pounds overweight with the belly of a 7-months pregnant woman.

    Despite all this, she still wore a bejeweled g-string and pasties to cover her girly bits, with yards of dimply flesh in between. Just imagine the close-up view of her monstrous belly and boobs all jiggling wildly …. the horror of that image lives with me to this day.

    • Oh my! Oddly the dancer on Saturday was also blond; and sounded like she was from Texas. I didn’t get the sense it was a deeply rooted cultural expression for her.

  2. the fact that you ARE moving in ANY capacity is GREAT! start slow, don’t want to injure yourself. I started out slow and 16 months later I am lifting and pushing and pulling more than I ever thought I could.

    gorgeous RR!

    do belly dancers make you uncomfortable because they are female? if a belly dancer was a sexay man, how would you react? just curious.

    have a great week! 🙂

    • Anne Marie,
      I would enjoy a belly dancer with my meal. Not for the sexual aspect (of course!) but for the pure entertainment. However, if the belly dancer was male, I wouldn’t enjoy watching as much because my mind would be on other “things.” A time and a place for everything I say!

    • Thanks for the comment. Re; Belly Dancers; it is not the gender or even the attractiveness. The best analogy I can think of is it is like sitting in the front row of a small theater during a really bad play. You want to sneak out but can’t because the actors can see you.

  3. Nora Desmond, I went to school with her. Love that car that is the sort of car I want to go grocery shopping. Belly dancer’s, yes yawn saw them in the middle-east, preferred the ones in Turkey who were usually girls from the Balkan.

  4. Vanity Fair is “25% advertisements”? Try about 60%. Just last night I took this month’s Vanity Fair to my co-worker Robert at the Inn (also a front desk clerk like me but 40 years younger). Once in a great while there is an article that I find worthwhile reading, that’s why I subscribed to VF. However, besides the ads, I have no interest in the Who’s Who who (three “Who’s”) attended the latest VF soiree or the inside, inside story of some writer’s group in Paris in the Twenties. It is a shame because the rare articles that I find of interest are well written and researched. I only subscribe now because of the low subscription rate and the excuse to visit my 40 year younger co-worker who is adorable (and gay).

    • I like those inside stories about the writer’s group in the 20’s. :-).

      I was probably being kind about the ads. Some months are worse than others. The March issue is 372 pages, August is 140 pages, October 272; and I think the only variable is advertising.

  5. About the “runs.” Way too much stress on your joints. You’ll find that out as you get older. You get just as much exercise walking briskly (not strolling) and a LOT LESS stress on your joints. Trust me, I have twenty years on you and I know. 🙂

  6. A followup on “the run.” Of course running is more macho, attractive, and with it but in the long run you’re doing damage to your joints. Walking isn’t as sexy but works better. Not as much stress on your body. The whole idea is to get your circulation going.

  7. I should have run. That said I never will now. Since I have gotten older and with slow growing cataracts my VF is harder and harder to read so I generally look at the pictures…I wish I could enlarge the print like I can on the computer.

  8. I subscribe to 15 magazines & have been getting Vanity Fair since its relaunch in 1983. I read it cover to cover, like a book.

    I really enjoy your posts.

    Lulu & Junior send Harper butt sniffs from Portland.

  9. So I’m not the only one who “saves up” his Vanity Fair magazines…and then realizes he’s got a stack tall enough to be its own coffee table. Love the magazine, but in that short attention span head of mine, i can never sit still long enough to get through an issue. Maybe a few weeks on an island where i get no cell reception would do the trick. Think that can be arranged?

    • Let me know if you can make that work. We usually take a week off in February and I can do some catch-up but at this point the backlog would need its own suitcase.

  10. A little known secret I’m dropping here for you: my mother was a belly dancer. Apparently quite good at it too, from what I was told. It wasn’t a job, but a hobby and part of some group she was in when I was a young kid. I can’t, and don’t, want to imagine my mom doing that.

    • There was a time when it was touted as a culturally interesting form of exercise. Kind of like aerobics with worse music.

      Yea, wouldn’t want to see my mother belly dancing either. In Casa de Harper that is what is known as an ‘etch-a-sketch picture’…you have to shake your head really hard to make the image disappear.

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