21 comments on “Harper Visits the Dentist

  1. Poor little thing, but at least it’s over – or the worst part of it.
    It’s heart-breaking taking a pet to the vet, knowing that they have no choice but to put their entire trust in you. And there’s always the feeling that, because they don’t apprecaite why you’re doing it, then somehow they feel that you’ve betrayed them. I probably suffer more than they do – certainly mentally. A ghastly business.

  2. awwwwwwwwwww, poor little girl. and I second raybeard’s comments; it’s so difficult to trust one’s furkid to a vet. lucky for me I have one that makes house calls; less traumatizing to my kid AND it costs the same as driving to a vet’s office.

  3. Getting a dog’s teeth cleaned is important. It wouldn’t be necessary if she ate “normal” dog food but, unfortunately, treats and human food contribute to the tarter buildup and problems later on. I discovered that my Horace (my Pomeranian) had very bad teeth when he died. He also had a gum infection. I wondered how long he suffered with that condition because of my inattention. Even though it was expensive to get Harper Girl’s teeth cleaned, you did the right thing. You made a worthwhile investment to keep Harper pain free. You and “Harper Girl’s Other Parent” (long title there, you might consider a shorter affection) are good parents. Harper is very lucky.

    • That’s what I understand as we’ll. Harper doesn’t get much human food but the puperoni are probably a contributing factor.

      I usually refer to Spo as “Harper’s Other Dad”; I’ll probably shorten it to HOD at some point for convenience.

  4. I am trying to restrict giving human food to Molly. I have some good organic dog treats and some others. She has gained weight but that is probably due to inactivity. I need to find someone to walk her. But I am glad you take such good care of Harper for we love her. Sounds like the vets there are more expensive than the ones here in Iowa. Mine usually has a “special” in February and I am lucky that she will pick her up and take her to the office for the cleaning. She also makes house calls. (She lives about two blocks from me.)

    • The inactivity factor is a big one for dogs. We’re fortunate that we split up the walking duties so she can usually count on 45-60 minutes a day; plus a couple trips to the dog park each week where she runs. We monitor her weight pretty aggressively. She was underweight at 39# when we got her. She’s up to 46 now which the vet says is ideal. She looks lean but her ribs don’t show anymore. I wish I were as successful at managing my own.

  5. I take all 5 of mine (not at the same time) once a year for a full dental. I have found from my past doggies that it leads to a much healthier and longer life. It’s not easy but is for the best.

  6. Poor Harper, what an experience, a necessary evil to keep her teeth and gums healthy. She might not like the noise of the sonicare, but I have seen doggy toothbrushes. I have considered buying for Max, so far his teeth are in good condition. It is hard to say no to the puppy face, but he only gets his food dry/wet, dog chicken treats, and the occasional ends off chicken bones. A special treat is pork bones from the butcher.

  7. Poor Lamb! We recently went through the same with our Teddy, only he also had to have some teeth extracted! $$$! Ack. Needless to say, his (remaining) teeth get brushed every night! 🙂

  8. When Tramp walked into my mom’s house and rescued himself, he was 4 and needed to be neutered and have his teeth cleaned (they were in bad shape). I’ve now had Tramp for almost 8 years and his teeth are near perfect still. He would never let me brush them and he is no stranger to human food BUT I have always given him quality dry food and very hard bones almost daily (I reduce his food accordingly). Truvy I’ve had for 10 years since she was one and her teeth too are near perfect. I’m sure I’ve been lucky but both have always had high quality dental bones, rawhide and their absolute favorite – marrow bones.

    • Great news about your success with their teeth. Congrats. I guess I am going to just have to brush. I can’t get her interested in rawhide bones. We have them for her but aside from occasionally carrying one from one room to another she never really chews them. I give her those Dental Sticks every day. The vet says they are worthwhile but obviously not sufficiently so. She only eats dry food; I get Blue Buffalo brand made from fish and sweet potatoes. Maybe it was just something that needed to be done. She was 8 months old when we got her; she’s 3 now and it had never been done before.

  9. I’m a bit of a neurotic pet daddy. That’s why I never wanted children when I was married or since. If anything is slightly off I wonder what’s wrong with them. So I make no claims to know anything about darling pooches but… I give all three of mine the large beef rib bones after I manage to get the oz or so of meat off the bone. I do this maybe three times a year. The vet has said on each of the dog’s visit that their teeth look great. I give them no other kind of bone. Although, I want to give them a turkey leg so bad at times. My nieces have always brushed their small dog’s teeth and there’s always issues with their teeth for some reason.
    I’m glad Harper snapped out of it okay and that you and what-his-name are such good daddy’s.

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