7 comments on ““Day Out of Days”

  1. He is a very talented man. I haven’t read anything he’s written though. So, you’re enjoying it even if it doesn’t sound like it’s the easiest read?

    • I’m enjoying it very much. And it is actually a pretty easy read. It’s like reading poetry; sometimes it is good to re-read it. Here’s an example. The title is “One Night in the Long-Ago”

      “What happened, now? Are you telling me that this whole history of catastrophes is the result of one night in the long-ago?

      That is what I understand.

      The father came home late and smashed every window in the house with a claw hammer? Is that it?

      That’s what I heard.

      Ripped the front door off its hinges and then set fire to the backyard?

      So the story goes.

      The son then snuck out one of the broken windows, under cover of dawn, with a few books in a paper sack?

      So they say.

      Stopping over the unconscious, bleeding form of the father he then jumped into a Chevy and never stopped driving the rest his life?

      That is it in a nutshell.

      You’d think he’d be over it by, now, wounldn’t you?

      You’d think.”

  2. I haven’t read anything by Sam Shepard but I will check out this book on Amazon and the reviews. Sounds very interesting.

  3. Like Ron, above, not read anything by him – as yet. I was aware he is multi-talented but your posting here brings home exactly how much. This book of shorts sounds just the job to take for short-distance train journeys.

  4. I did not realize he had written 54 plays, that is a very interesting factoid. I also enjoyed his brief role in “The Pelican Brief” and his role in “Baby Boom”. What a truly accomplished artist.

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