9 comments on “Genealogy – The Black Hole of Time

  1. sweet mother of pearl; you’re a southern gentleman! I was wondering if you had contacted ron about F.A.G.; my spouse likes to peruse the pix/writeups out there.

    were I to begin my own research, all I would find would be dead brown crumbled leaves. and I’m not sure I wanna know about the skeletons in the closet.

  2. Well while you are looking for ancestors you forget to eat and you loose weight, a new miracle diet. You can write a book and make $$$$$. Brilliant! When looking for ancestors I prefer to look for the most direct link to me. Otherwise you look at all the other families you are married into etc…

    • I made the mistake of pursuing a wrong line early on. My grandmother was a widow when she married my grandfather. Her first husband’s family is interesting and pretty well documented but, of course, there’s no genetic link to me.

      I’m not just following the Y chromosomes though because the family I am most interested in is my maternal grandfather’s. Trying to make sure I only look upstream if the connection is by marriage. I figure if it was good enough for Henry V it’s good enough for me.

  3. Yes it is endless. Most start out consumed by it, and then they settle down into here and there exploration of this or that branch.

  4. Sounds like an interesting hobby. I know one person I used to chat with online that was always working on his ancestry. It seemed like he really enjoyed it. I guess it’s pretty amazing, the things you can find. Like, that third cousin once removed that you met.

  5. Who needs breakfast anyway, right?
    Before you know it, it will be breakfast time next week and you’ll still be sitting at the computer. lol
    It’s a scrumptious suckhole at least!

    I am sure your people and my people hobnobbed it together at some point back in ol’ Virginny. It’s here a Lee, there a Lee, everywhere a Lee a Lee….harumph…sorry about that.
    My VA ancestors mingled with the Patrick Henrys and some were part of the Masons of Va……old Pat bailed one of my 5x Great Grands out of jail actually. The offense?….preaching w/out a license. Damn, do I really come from a line of Conservative Christians?lol

    I started tracing other peoples’ ancestors for fun. What a sad sad life I lead, huh?

    But it can also be wonderful…..case in point–
    I signed up to be a F.A.G. photo volunteer….(hey, I even took a photo for Ron this summer.)
    Anyway, I get emails when someone wants a photo taken of a headstone in a local to me cemetery.
    This email came through from a guy in the UK. I wrote back that I’d go look in the Fall(too hot to do this in the summer for me!)so we chatted a bit. He had a website with his ancestor info on it that I went and looked at. I got interested in this line he was researching so I did some digging…not literally.lol

    So I am currently helping a guy in the UK find a branch of his family that left England in the late 1800’s to come to America and settled near where I live. I have found some Church records so far but a physical search of the graveyard in which at least 2 of his ancestors are buried in has not turned up any headstones. I suspect the family was too poor to pay for markers.

    I have found out for him what happened to at least 4 of his family and we may have tracked down at least 1 living relative…..last known address was in Havasu City AZ.
    I also think I just took down one of his “brick walls” and found the maiden name for his 2 x great aunt, which will help us track down the marriage record. Finding her maiden name also helped me trace HER line back to England, so he can fill in that part of his tree now on his end with his access to UK records.
    It’s very gratifying to be able to help someone in this way.

    PS-If I were you, I’d go request a better photo be taken of Wilma’s headstone on FAG. I had to do that with my grandfather’s marker. The original photo was not so great and someone went back and redid it and now it’s very nice.
    And if you are requesting other photos in the same cemetery it’s not much more work for them to redo Wilma’s while they are there. 😎

  6. I also wanted to say that you have to be careful who’s tree info you copy to your own. There are alot of “sloppy” trees on Ancestry….you know, the folks who really don’t care about the truth and research be accurate, who just want to find important people so they can have bragging rights. 😉
    But I still kept that one line that took me genetically back to Charlemagne. lol

    I use to add everything and then go back and document. I wasted a lot of time on that process!

    And now that you have found your Southern roots, you can spend much more time tracing all your C.S.A. soldier ancestors. I spent a good chunk of this past Summer filling up a notebook with soldier Ancestors. I even went and visited one during the Summer and I blogged about it….

    Ok, enough of me hijacking your blog.
    Thanks for the shout out. 😉

    • Thanks for all the great input and information. I did my first volunteer photos today. I claimed 6 and was able to fulfill4 of them. The other two weren’t possible. Now that the weather is cooler it as actually very pleasant to be out during the day

  7. You must have more than 24 hours in your days?
    Oh yeah, I was thinking about “sloppy” trees. I picked up a crossword puzzle off someone’s desk at work and was shocked to see how many wrong answers were used yet it was 90% complete, in their mind.
    The topic is so very interesting. And for some strange reason, I love walking a cemetery.

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