14 comments on “Directionally Challenged

  1. if I am giving directions to someone on the street; I will always give street and building markers (e.g., it’s on the corner of main and elm; next to the CVS and across from the Starbucks).

    if I am reading a paper map, I will turn the map in the direction I am going.

    and my grandparents have been dead for over 30 years, yet I still know the route to their house in my head.

    I’m weird like that.

  2. I always think that East is West and West is East and the North is in the South. That said I seldom get lost and I do use my phone when I am searching for an unfamiliar place. It helps.

  3. In Ottawa directions are easy, you just have to think of the Canadian National Anthem, True North, well then this is where Parliament is and the Ottawa river behind it. As for West, well think of the West block on the Hill and same for East think of the East block which points to Montreal. South is the Queensway which crosses the Capital from East to West. Beijing was the same thing, the Emperor throne faces South (good) in the Forbidden City which is the Centre of the World for the Chinese.
    The North is back to the Emperor and (bad). All the Foreigners and Embassies are in the East of Beijing, the West was where the Summer Palace was and all the streets where arranged along the 4 Cardinal points. Rome however could be confusing so everyone went by the positions of the major Basilicas as reference points.

  4. Lucky that you have Harper’s other dad to assist in navigation rather than a Garmin or the like. I don’t know how many nurses for my Father call and ask me directions because the navigation system is not working on their car. Recently I went into an unfamiliar mall on a cloudy day and could have sworn I went in at the North entrance. However, before I called police and reported my vehicle stolen I went back in and outh the South exit. I felt sooooo old and foolish.
    I bet you were a hoot when playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey?

  5. Your sense of direction will improve the more you travel around the countryside searching for those FAG photo request graves. I know first hand. Tomorrow Bill and I venture out again in search of three new cemeteries. I’m lucky in that I live on a peninsula where all the roads run either north south (and yes our Interstate is I-95 which runs north) or east -west. If I drive far enough I end at a body of water east, west and south. North, which is I-95 which I avoid at costs, takes me to my former home in Pennsylvania. We go there this weekend for more FAG photo requests. When all else fails, I look to see where the sun is. Morning it is in the east; noon directly above and afternoon west. Of course if it is a cloudy day I usually get lost.

    • Happily, or unhappily, depending on view point, all of the cemeteries within 25 miles of me are urban or suburban settings so it is not countryside. It is stoplights and expressways. The most rural one I’ve seen requested so far in the National Cemetery and it is within walking distance. And, FYI – we don’t have “countryside” here. We have “desert”. I learned quicky when I moved here that people laugh if you say “out in the country”.

      • You’re lucky! 🙂 Here it’s all “country” of farmlands and chicken houses. On the coast it’s all tourist mecca for the Washington D.C. types. I have a cemetery right next to the development where I live but all the others are miles “out in the country.” Pretty drives.

  6. Well bless your heart….you are just like my Hubs. Brilliant man but he couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag to save his life.
    He use to take me to the mall just so he…er, I could find his way out.
    I think it would be fun to put the 2 of you in a bag and see what happens.lol

    I have many flaws but being directionally challenged is not one of them.

    And as a true Southerner, I can ALWAYS tell the difference between North and South….. 😉

  7. Where I work, I get asked for directions quite frequently. I know East is heading towards the lake, West is heading away from the lake. Luckily the streets are North and South, so when someone asks for directions, at first signal light past Pick ‘n Save turn right and head straight. When they ask if that takes them North, I pause before answering, because I was using landmarks, not actual compass points. 🙂

  8. According to Tim Taylor of “Home Improvement”, men have magnetic boogers in their noses like homing pigeons, allowing them to sense which direction is north. That is why men don’t need to ask for directions!

    My magnetic boogers must have gotten demagnetized.

    I am completely directionally challenged. To the point that I just figured out the compass orientation of the house I live in. The house I bought 10 years ago. And that most of the roads I take to get from my studio to my house are due north.

    I too give directions like you: go to the Piggly Wiggly, turn left at the first road on the right after it, the turn right at the Publix.

    A bad homing pigeon I would have made.

  9. I too am directionally impaired. Rick always teases me because I couldn’t find his birthday party on our second date. I got lost out in the farm lands somewhere and he had to guide me back. The thing it I get there eventually. I think it is because we are creative by nature. Who wants to learn boring things like geography, although when I was growing up North was always towards the mountains, but on smoggy days that didn’t help much. Now here in Reno there are mountains every direction.

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