13 comments on “This Made Me Feel Hopeful

  1. I used Teaching Tolerance when I taught. It is a great resource and I applaud you for your stance on this issue. The principal in Pennsylvania stands for the principles that should be shared by all educators. Thank you for doing this.

  2. I am sadden to see so many extremist groups hide under the Christian banner. The KKK presented itself as Christians, so did the Nazis at first and many Fascists governments in Portugal, Spain, Italy and elsewhere in Europe all appeared as staunch Christians in the 1920 and up to 1970’s. The USA is not immune to this type of radical and extreme thinking and it does not bode well for the USA. The first victim of such extremist views is usually Democracy because it bothers them to have such a system. They will instead say they are for Freedom. But in their system you better be like them otherwise you are out.

    • Great insights. I used to fear the rise of religious extremism in this country because of the lessons of the Klan and the Nazi’s; people who used religion to justify their politics. In recent years I have begun to fear the Taliban model even more; where the religion itself is the agenda- not some underlying political view. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Religion was always a double-edged sword for me but I used to believe it was more positive than negative as an influence in the world. Not sure when I stopped believing that.

      • I think I was always a cynical child. I grew up in “the church” and recall even from a young age the strange dichotomy that religion seemed to present, at least to me. I always seemed to wonder how a religion that professed love could be so hateful.

  3. Ah Religion…..This is why I always say I am a big fan of a Supreme Being, but his fan clubs?….not so much.

    So much hate has been wrought upon this world in the name of religion. In general I find that the powers that be in religious sects tend to separate us rather than draw us together in peace. Most are all about THEM being better than those who aren’t them….which leads to believing that those who worship in their way will be the ONLY ONES to achieve heaven/Everlasting life/Nirvana/Valhalla or whatever you want to call it. Being better than everyone else who isn’t US leads to feelings of if we are good, everyone else is evil so we are morally obligated to destroy them.
    In the immortal words of Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    Unfortunately for me and my family, that accepting pocket of PA society, while within a short trip of me is NOT where I live.

    • thanks for the thoughtful comment. I smiled when I read part of it because I wrote something in the bio page of this blog about the whole “us” vs. “them” thing with religion.

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