20 comments on “Oops!

  1. I am so very glad I do not have to deal with that kind of traffic. I can get to Des Moines in 40 minutes and there is no traffic. This just sounds like a nightmare to me.

  2. holy shitsnax, batman! phoenix traffic sounds like washington dc traffic; hell if you have to get somewhere.

    one thing that helps me is to get spouse’s itinerary before I walk out the door in the morning. we mention where we are going to be after the work day ends. later that evening, I can recall him saying “I am going to X, so I will be late coming home.” or does your phone have a recording device; use that as a reminder.

    as we get older, our brains get too full. (says the old fart) 🙂

  3. 26 miles?! That is around 40km, which is 1/4 the distance from Stratford to Toronto! I continue to be mystified why you and Harper’s Other Dad tolerate Phoenix. What will happen to Phoenix if Peak Oil hits?

  4. That very thing happened to Carlos and I one time when I was set to pick him up from work.

    Out in front of his office, I called his cell and said, “I’m here.”
    And he replied, “Where? I’m in the kitchen.”

    He had gotten a ride and forgotten to tell me. Luckily from Casa Bob y Carlos to his job is only about 7 miles.
    I probably passed him and his ride on the way! Oy.

  5. I’m sure you won’t do it again. The joy of 2 1/2 hours in traffic, wolfing down takeout from the drive through window and racing to get there before the curtain time — I think you have suffered enough.

    I admire your audacity of dating on a school night.

  6. Of course if you, as I have suggested several times while visiting there, would place a blow up doll in the passenger seat, you could use the carpool lanes thereby saving yourself a little time. Perhaps on quiet days you could come up with other uses for the doll as well. Depending, of course, on the gender of said doll you ordered.

  7. I totally understand! My nickname is “Wrongway”. Rick tells me to pick a direction and then go the opposite to compensate from my impairment.

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