21 comments on “JAVALINA!

  1. Hello from London UK, I decided to come here for a short visit to see friends.

    They are Boars, I think the European version is bigger. My little Nora is a Boar hunter, she would start to howl for sure seeing one and the hunt would be on, you just need to take your hunting rifle and Nora will do the rest.

    • well I would fit right in the the gun culture here in AZ. People do hunt javalina in AZ; though generally not with a few yards of a private home. The have been seen on our street. The people who live across the street from us lost they jack-o-lantern to one a couple yrs ago.

  2. Just one more reason why I am glad I live in Iowa. Here our porcine beasties are confined to hog lots and the only thing we have running loose are mountain lions.

  3. Ahhh, They look like Razorbacks. Wooooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! That might be a two bagger dog walk if I were to see one while walking my girls.

    • It would probably add 1-2 hrs to your trip down the hill but worth it. Second best scenery in state (after the Canyon).

      If you go, stop at the tourist info center (center of town) and ask for a map to the look-out area above the airport.

  4. We were… terrified by darling pigs? They look tasty. Mmm, well, turn in your “butch” card at the gate, there Will Be Inquiries.

  5. Thankfully, we don’t have those around here. I would prefer not to get even as close as you were to “nature”. We do see the occasional raccoon and smell the skunks, though.

  6. Fascinating! And thanks for taking and including pictures of those ferocious beasts. I can’t say I would be pleased to meet them on any early morning walk. You are a brave man. 🙂

  7. Yikes! Let’s see Disney make them loveable animated characters when they do a film in your Arroyo. Big bodies on spindly legs would made great caricatures.

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