6 comments on “Dog Park Sunday – Oct. 28, 2012

  1. Just look at that happy demeanour! Despite the ground conditions, seeing her old friends and making new ones gives her a spring in her step – and ought to bring joy to all who see her behaving so.

  2. Margo (the second of our two Boston Terriers, now departed) used to react to a trickle of water like it was the Nile, or a puddle like it was Lake Huron. She’d fret and whimper before finally walking through any water. The previous Boston was Aqua-dog, and would race down any pier and literally hurl herself into the drink. BTs’ dispositions are generally so similar, this difference between our two I could never figure out.

    • Interesting. I never think of terriers as being particularly ‘water-friendly’ but I’ve never had one in the family so I have no real basis for thinking that.

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