6 comments on “Dog Park Sunday: Nov. 4, 2012

  1. I love Harper’s trips to the Dog Park. It sounds like so much fun. Jon is thinking of bringing Miles (collie) back to Iowa for the summer. He fears that the heat down there may be too much for him. Then he and Miss Molly can have a dog park in the back yard.. There are three dogs in yards that back up to me. We could just open up the fences and let them all play together.

  2. ” left the park soaked with bulldog-drool” – This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this phrase. I think that’s what I said to Bill after I left that highway rest stop off the Jersey Turnpike back in the Eighties.

  3. Our cat’s name is Esmerelda. That’s 4 syllables….as I recall you once had a cat named Claudius, which is 3 syllables….althought, admitely, you had no say in that name as you were a stepparent. Not to menition Tiberious. Perhaps you should rethink that 3 syllable comment. Unless, of course the same 3 or more syllable thing does not hold true for cats.

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