10 comments on “It’s Not a Comeback…It’s a Return

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of work you’ve contributed. I’m going to look forward to the future posts you’ve alluded to.

  2. I enjoyed reading this entry, in fact some turn of phrases sort of caught my eye, I am wondering were you or have you ever been a medical doctor or a physicist or a scientist of sorts or maybe a university professor ?

      • Don’t sell yourself short, you are that well educated, it is just self-taught education. Those who are curious about different subject matters and research to satisfy said curiosity, are the best educated and if I may say, the most well rounded individuals.

  3. Well, there you are. I have missed you. I knew, kind of, what you were doing and as long as you were enjoying it we can share. But I am really glad you are back and thank you for the comments on “The Buddy” you and Spo are two of my three commenters

  4. Well, I’m glad you’re back with renewed determination. I always enjoy you adventures with Harper. I’ve been down and out for a few days due to puter issues again. I don’t like feeling guilty for not posting. Blogging should not be a burden.

  5. Find-A-Grave can be a bit addicting, as strange as that may seem. I started using it about 6 years ago to help me complete a research project while I was in college. Wow. You have added a lot to your account on the site. I’ve only added 205, lol. I have found that a lot of my own ancestors already had entries on the site. I have also come in contact with a number of distant relatives through the site, which has been nice. 🙂

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