7 comments on “I Can’t Bring Myself To Call It FAG

  1. So whoever could have been that fellow blogger who sent you the link to your great aunt’s headstone? 😉

    I have an issue right now with a memorial creator for my grandparents memorials. He won’t respond to me emails for transfer,, going on 6 months now. He is also not related to them/me/us. I am going to have to go over his head soon and put this in the hands of management. I hope this guy is just being an ass about it and not any longer “with us”. Many contributors seem older and I worry that this guy has passed on and is no longer managing his folks.

    I have only had 1 problem otherwise with getting ownership of a memorial. One of my going back further than 4 generations(it’s 5th gen. removed)Confederate serving ancestors, the one who’s grave site I visited in OH this past Summer. His memorial was created by a Daughters of the Confederacy Group that has decided as their 150th Anniv. of the War Between the States project to locate, document and “hoard” 800,000 soldiers of the Confederacy. This group is located in FL yet they are claiming any CSA soldier they find from any state and they refuse to release control of any to relatives who wish to have them. In my mind, it’s this sort of group that has made it a control and power exercise and not about honoring your cherished dearly departed ones.

  2. Many on the forum part of Find-A-Grave abbreviate it FAG, as I’m sure you know. I don’t think they even realize it. I secretly am amused by the mental image I have of many on the site (particularly the more conservative members) going up to their relatives to tell them about their research and saying something like, “I was uploading on FAG all last night.” ;P Anyway, it is a great site and yes there are some really nice people on there. There are some not so nice people as well, but then I guess that’s everything. I think it was started by some guys who had a bit of an obsession with celebrity burials??? Happy FAG-ing (sorry, I’m a naughty thing).

  3. I had a disagreement with one of the site administrators over the cemetery photo I submitted. She claimed it was copyrighted- I pointed out that an 1860 drawing was in the public domain. She then threatened to have all of my memorials deleted. She had done that to other people- just arbitrarily deleted thousands of memorials. I no longer do anything that involves the website administrators.

    • I haven’t had any need to deal with the admins yet; hopefully I won’t. I have been trying to get a contributor to delete a photo she uploaded to the wrong memorial for more than a month now. She is active based on her comments but she won’t do it and won’t respond. Very odd.

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