5 comments on “Dog Park – Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Have a great time tonight. I love that you share Harper with us. I must try a dog park sometime. We do have one here. Watching the Dog Show on NBC right now – Molly stuck her nose up and went to her bedroom (formerly mine) to hang out. I had cleaned it up for her.

  2. Well, what can you do? When a man sets his sights on a fine female????
    We went to the park as well this morning but no shade to be had. It would have been welcomed too since we were headed to record high’s today. I’m afraid I am more impatient than my girls when these little tiffs start or play gets rough. It seems to happen all over the park. My girls are getting old and easily aggitated. Wait maybe that’s me. At any rate, glad Harper had some fun and hope that your dinner was wonderful.

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