5 comments on “Carmina Burana

  1. Thanks for the lesson. I learned a lot about the piece from it and of course, enjoyed the video (I suppose it says something about me that i was really enjoying the ladies dresses and the all white chorus almost as much as the music) – I know I have it in my CD machine (holds about 250 discs) but I have lost my remote and can’t play it..- Did you notice that some in the audience were singing along?

  2. I know ‘Carmina’ very well (and it’s a blast!) but have never had the good fortune to be at a live performance – though have seen it on telly, of course. I reckon it must be as much fun for the performers as for the audience. Hope that’s how it came over for you. It’s certainly unlike any other piece of music I know – though, mind you, can’t recall having heard one single other piece by Orff.

    • My knowledge of classical music is pretty superficial but I don’t recall ever having heard anything else by Orff. Is there a classical equivalent to what in popular music is called ‘a one-hit wonder’?

  3. One of those pieces of music that just gets inside you. No matter how many times I hear it, I always get emotional. It is very powerful and moving.

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