6 comments on “Lincoln – The Movie

  1. Oh, I can hardly wait! But wait we must for it doesn’t open here until end of JANUARY! We’ve not been shown any trailers yet, so this was my first view – though I do hope that in the actual film there isn’t so much emotion-pulling music score as this trailer suggests, and which has become one of Spielberg’s trademark weaknesses for me.

    Daniel D-L is certainly a phenomenon.
    When I lived in Oxford (1975-88) my neighbour in the adjoining apartment was Daniel’s former headmaster (retired) at his public school (in American parlance = private school). Like yourself, his name didn’t mean anything to me until ‘Laundrette’ came along and he was, therefore, in his schooldays understandably only known for his being the son of a world-renowned poet. But his headmaster remembered Daniel as being quiet, industrious and highly intelligent. In all his films his researching into the character he’s playing, if historical, is prodigious, and I would have every confidence that the traits he portrays are based, as far as possible, on sound fact.

    I didn’t know any of the facts re supporting actors and the screenplay-writer you talk of above. My expectations, especially now with your own imprimatur, just keep rising and rising. But – end of JAN, dammit?!!

  2. Least amount of screen time for the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role goes to Beatrice Sraight in ‘Network’ (in one single scene with William Holden). A lot for a little;-)

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