11 comments on “Elementary School Class Photos

  1. I could spot you in your photo! yes, they still do class pix; my co-worker’s son gets one every year and it’s amazing how he has grown up in the past 10 years – he’s a freshman in high school now!

  2. I too knew which cherubic face was yours before I read the text under the photo!
    Having attended Parochial school my entire academic career through 12th grade, we never had a group class photo made, just the single photo. The group thing just wasn’t done in that time and my place. I feel sort of oddly left out of that ritual.

    Today at least in PA the Lifetouch Company has the monopoly on school photos. They are horrid and grossly overpriced. Go ask Mark(of our simple lives) how he feels about Lifetouch…..go on, I dare you!lol And go read my blog post about our experience with school photos from last year..

    Now I’m off to get my 8th grade yearbook out and see if I can name all the kids in my graduationg class that year! 😉

  3. What timing! My youngest daughter asked me just last week, to scan some of her school pictures for a project she is working on. I came across a couple of mine. I’ve misplaced my first grade class picture, but did find my 6th grade one. I’ll share it on facebook.

  4. You were suave and deboner (sic);) at an early age.
    I’m afraid that some of my class photos look like that of your sisters. I really took the markers to some and for the life of me can’t remember why?

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