7 comments on “By George… He Hasn’t Got It!

  1. You are doing pretty well in Spanish so far. I don’t know about the Spo Guy though. The word Corazon can be used a lot, speaking to the cute waiter Hola Corazon! I lived in Mexico City from 1986-89, it was a different place then than today and I remember my first visit to Mexico in 1974, not the same country at all, though I think it was more charming then. Mass tourism had not hit the place. My problem today would be that I would want to speak Italian to them instead of Spanish. I confuse the two languages easily, though they are not similar, just close.

  2. When you visit Delaware in the spring, your Spanish language skills will come in handy. He have a large Guatemalan presence here in southern Delaware. In fact, the Sussex County capital of Georgetown could be well called “Guatemalantown.” 🙂

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