8 comments on “Knee-deep in the Stream of Conciousness

  1. Continuing with my own ‘stream of consciousness’ here, I’m recalling a production of Bruce Jay Friedman’s play ‘Steambath’ with a running bit involving a gentleman defending the honor of a bimbo. A character calls another character a ‘prick’ and this gentleman says, “Hey! Watch it buddy! There’s lady present!” She interjects in splendid Brooklynese “Oh don’t worry. I don’t mind ‘prick’, it’s ‘pecker’ I don’t care for.” (Okay, well it was very funny onstage…)

  2. Well, I’ll be blowed! I’ve hardly given ‘The Ritz’ a second thought since I saw it for the first and only time on its release in 1976. It came out just when gay sensibilities in the U.K. were starting to be be widely recognised – too controversial for many – when I found all that era a bit uncomfortable politically, where a lot were telling us to quit talking about it, as though being gay was something of which to be ashamed. So experiencing the memory of that film at that time carries very mixed emotions now. However, I’d love to see it again from today’s perspective. But it’s just disappeared – and am pretty sure it’s never been on TV here.
    Thanks for reminding me of it.
    Btw: It was made entirely in England. Strange for something so ‘American’.

    • That’s interesting. It has been on TV for years. In previous years it was edited a bit but in more recent years they shown in pretty much complete. Not that that matters much to us. We have the DVD.

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