20 comments on “‘Tisn’t Really The Season Until The Toys Come Out

  1. My mother sounds like Natasha when she speaks. Someone is always asking her to say, “Kill squirrel” on their voicemail greeting.

  2. I remember some of those toys, it is nice to know they still make an appearance during the holidays 🙂

    • They are packed away with the rest of holiday trappings. Occasionally in the summer while in the garage I swear can hear them crying “Help Me” from inside the boxes.

  3. ‘Rocky and his Friends’ became part of my DNA when the show was first running so very, very long ago. Model figures I would like to have, rather than Boris, et al, would be Gidney & Cloyd, the moon men, with their Scrooch (sp?) guns, and a copy of the formula for Upsidaisium.;-)

    The episode of ‘Rocky and his Friends’ that confirmed for me that it was not strictly a kid’s cartoon show was the one with Bullwinkle in the doctor’s office, the shot changes to exterior of the building with Bullwinkle silhouetted on the window shade, the doctor speaks: “Turn your head and cough”.

    Your collection of toys is a revelation! I’m envious.

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