7 comments on “The Suspense Is Terrible – I Hope It Will Last.

  1. I always thought it was an international drink. Live and learn! It’s been around even since I was a boy, though was then called by it’s full name of ‘Iron Brew’.
    It’s a nice mixer for Scotch, though I tend to prefer Scotch with Ginger (Beer), which seems to be a peculiarly English combo – at least when I used to order it in Germany or France they’d know immediately where I came from.

    • I’ll make sure Spo knows that. We are both so corrupt. The first thing we thought of after tasting it was; ‘I wonder what kind of cocktail can be made with this’.

  2. Nice going! Gotta love the internet! A couple years ago I was trying to locate a specific brew in the area, and I found some within walking distance of my apartment.

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