6 comments on “Off To The Opera – Un Ballo in Maschera

  1. Don’t know this opera at all – though I know OF it. Hope it turns out to have been aa much a ‘presssshusss’ experience as the alternative you mention.

    Hey, I’ve just seen that right now on our BBC classical radio station they are relaying this LIVE from the Met. Will now tune in for a while, knowing that you + 1 are actually there in person. Don’t cough!

  2. One of my favourites – love Oskar’s theme. Verdi was the master of opera. Far superior to Lord of the Rings.

    • I enjoyed it very much. It has a very broad range of musical styles including some melodies that sound more mid-20th century than md-19th. Sondra Radvanovsky as wonderful as Amelia and I absolutle loved (!!) the set. I will definitely see this opera again when the opportunity arises.

      Thanks for reading & commenting

      • Really delighted you enjoyed it. I caught the second act – and then the first 15 minutes of the last. (Why does the Met have such long intervals?) What I did hear surprised me on its accessible tunefulness. (I’ve never been an enormous fan of Mr Joe Green, though been trying to rectify that).

  3. Never saw a live opera performance in my life. Sounds exciting. I did see Brasil 66 at the Philadelphia Academy of Music in 1968. I think that twas the last (and only) live music performance I’ve ever seen in my life. I am seriously deficient in that area of my sophistication. 🙂

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