11 comments on “Zodiac Envy

  1. To those of us who have a keen interest in AstroNOMy this has been known for some time. The solar- and lunar-based zodiacs – the apparent arc through which sun and moon travel through annually in our skies – has shifted significantly over the last 2,000 years. Not only has there, as you say, been a 13th sign for some centuries, but the former all-inclusive 12 signs have not only shrunk in duration terms in order to accommodate Ophiuchus, but have also largely shifted backwards. Thus, for instance, although I was astrologically born a Libran, my birthday actually occurs when the sun is still in Virgo. It rather calls into question the anthropomorphic characteristics with which astrologers bestow on different calendar-date groups. Being a ‘Libran’, according to astrology, should make me fair and balanced in judgment, with equable temperament, but also lazy and indecisive (the last is certainly true) – one could say, qualities found in a set of scales. But being in scientific ‘reality’ a Virgoan, I should therefore be re-ascribed the qualities of perfectionism, but also carping being pernickety, the supposed characteristics of that sign (= virginal). But perfectionist I am certainly NOT! Similarly Cancerians, thought by astrologers to be tough and hard on the outside but sensitive and soft inwardly – just like a crab – should (mostly) in scientific terms be Geminis – i.e. in astrological terms dual-minded, and therefore unpredictable, but also even-handed (= supposedly like twins).
    Rather makes a nonsense of the whole subject – and Dr Spo’s comment is quite as sensible as anything that Astrology can offer.
    Nevertheless, although I am sorry to be such a party-pooper, have to confess that Astrology can be good FUN, as long as it isn’t taken so over-seriously as to control one’s life and decisions………unless one DECIDES to let it do so.

    Btw. You’ll know that there are numerous suggestions of the true date of the birth of Jesus, none of which have CONCLUSIVELY superior claims than any of the others. December 25th it almost certainly was NOT, as that date was chosen in order to eclipse a pagan feast day on that date.
    One idea I particularly like because of its astrological significance (oh dear, there we go again) is 15th September 7 B.C.E., which would make J.C. a Virgo (a virgin born of a virgin!)…..or would that have made him a Leo? – oh hell, I give up!

    • I’m not a Sagittarius.
      Jesus isn’t a Capricorn (Kris Kristopherson lied to me!)
      Up’s down.
      Black’s white.
      Every night the set that’s smart is intruding in nudist parties in studios.
      …. sorry. I had a Cole Porter moment.

      Thanks for the comment. You obviously know a lot more about this than I do.

      • H.K., I’m just waiting for someone to come along and shoot down as false one or more of the things I say. (Typical Libran!) But sorry to have ‘queered your pitch’.
        I know that in America there is, for some reason, a higher proportion of avid followers of astrology than in Europe – rather odd for a country where religion has such a high profile – yet, as far as I know, ALL major religions dismiss or even condemn it.

  2. For purposes of the annual Sagittarius party we have chosen to ignore this recent development. You would still be welcome to attend, resplendent in your Sagittarian purple attire.

  3. Isn’t this all supposed to be out the window since it turned out Pluto wasn’t really a planet? I don’t believe any of it. Except on the days that I do. (Gemini…)

    • Pluto was discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. We went there last winter for tour and star gazing and they’re still cranky about that Pluto issue. I think In AZ it is still a planet. 🙂

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