29 comments on “No Time For Hobbits

  1. Salutations and Felicitations on the anniversary of your birth. I understand you are like me when it comes to recognizing them. I gave mine up two years ago so I would not have to remember what my age was when asked as now that I am OLD it is difficult to do. Sounds like you have a wonderful time planned. Give Harper an extra treat..

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful weekend plan. The party sounds especially nice with German conversation and lovely decorations. Also hearing the spo bells! That sounds like a great time, too. Enjoy!

  3. Such a high-culture weekend. And I understand it’s your birthday. Hope you’re already having a great time. Every time I see a reference to Aida, I’m reminded of a story told to me by a Sicilian friend of mine. She saw “Aida” performed when she was a child and, when the phrase “Aida, dove sei tu?” was said, someone in the audience called back in pure Sicilian, “She’s taking a crap.”

  4. You and Bill will be able to talk about me in German. He often does it now when he greets me (at least I’m thinking he is “greeting” me). When you and Harper’s Other Dad visit in March I’ll be outnumbered.Gute Nacht mein Freund 🙂

  5. Birthday Felicitations to you!

    Like Groucho Marx(or was it Bugs Bunny?) I have always been partial to the Pie & Cake aria from “Aida”…..

  6. Belated felicitous greetings to you, H.K. – Hmmmm. So I see that you’re a ………….Scorpio? 😉

    Re ‘Nutcracker’ – I always feel that Poitr Chaikovsky (in the ‘more’ correct spelling) isn’t given nearly as much credit, not only for being the master tunesmith that he was, but also a lot of his orchestrations are object lessons in that practice. What an amazingly fertile imagination he had! And ‘Nutcracker’ has prime examples of what he achieved in both those fields.

    Btw: Since I lived in Germany for three years and managed to reach a fluency in Deutsch, I still try to keep it up, though it’s rapidly getting rusty. However, when I win the lottery and come over to visit the Harper household, we might be able to put some mutual practice in, nicht wahr?

    • Thanks!. I am hoping for Scorpio in the next update. I figure if I live long enough perhaps my birthday will rotate through the whole zodiac. Ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch.

      • Danke vielmals, mein Freund. Ich auch. (Uebrigens, koennen wir uns nicht duzen?)

        Well, that’s enough of that for now! Let’s leave the rest for our face-to-face.

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