11 comments on “Rough Morning For Harper

  1. First of all, beautiful, evocative, morning breaking sunlight pictures. You have an artist’s eye for that special morning light that is so short-lived and refreshing. Secondly, I like that you always provide a photo narrative to accompany your word narrative. Makes one feel like one is there. And thirdly, so that is where the snow geese are now….Arizona. We expect them here shortly.
    On another note, for some reason I think you live in the middle of the desert accessible mainly by a dusty, dirt road. I always have to readjust my brain around the fact the Phoenix is, in fact, a major metropolitan city surrounded by expressways. Route 1 is our main thoroughfare here in our little state of Delaware. You will find it quite quaint after your roaring highways. By the way, Lewes is in the formative stages for its own dog park. When you’re here in March, remind me to show you. I think Harper would approve. It is within easy access of the hotel where you will be staying.

  2. Geese can do a lot of damage — you and Harper are fortunate it didn’t get past the display and warning stage.

    • It’s true! Years ago I lived on a little lake and had geese at times. They would actually charge to VW Golf is was driving in those days if they got annoyed.

      Thanks for reading/commenting.

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  3. The idea of poor Harper running away from the geese made me laugh out loud. We had a cat who was terrified of humming birds. Harper, at least, knows what she’s doing. An angry goose could do her some damage.

  4. Oh my. Those could NOT be geese coming down from OUR own flyway….they MUST be coming from the Midwest to have that attitude. Hah. They ARE unpredictable….but do seem to know that our Chessie, MAC IS a bird retriever….and never stay around very long if he comes swimming after a stick close to them.

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