13 comments on “Let The ‘Bloody’ Holidays Begin!”

  1. Never had clams or clam juice in my life. To me clam juice looked like a jar of pubescent snot. There’s your name, Bloody Snot. Have a happy! 🙂

  2. The Beef Consommé is freaking me out a little. Is that a part of standard bloody mary recipes and I’ve just never known it? Or it is some new HK invention meant to shock and awe? Either way, I’m intrigued. And thirsty. And putting on my shoes to go out to the store to buy the necessary ingredients 😉

    • The HK version represents a few years of tweaking various recipes.

      I found a recipe in a cookbook that included beef broth. I changed it to consommé to make it a little thicker.

      That recipe did not include clam juice and horseradish. It had more than twice as much celery salt and included Tabasco.

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