9 comments on “New Year’s Day Dog Park – 2013

  1. I told Jonathan about the dog parks and then googled them in Tempe. There are five of them, one fairly close to his place. Of course since he does not have a car he and Miles will have to walk there but that is good for them also. If Miles does come back here I may have to drive down to AZ to bring him back in Sept. He does not like the car. The trip out there when Jon’s car broke down really upset him.

    • We sure and let us know if you plan a trip to AZ. It would be great to mmet you.

      If you have flexibility in your timing, late September and into October as the best times to visit. Early September is still monsoon season,

  2. Oh it looks as if you had a beautiful day to go to the park. Good for you and lucky for Harper. That’s a great way to start the new year huh Harper. Great pics!

  3. Lucky Harper! If only humans could get so ‘friendly’, and even down-and-dirty, with strangers without all these preambliing niceties that society demands. Oh hang on, my memory tells me that there are indeed such places where one can right down to ‘enjoying’ another’s company…….Or so I’ve been led to believe. 😉

  4. It’s wonderful that Harper is such a well adjusted dog she can socialize so well. You and Harper’s Other Dad, should be very proud of the four legged child you are raising. 🙂

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